About Us

Perfect for a date night getaway, family outing, friends night out, or any adventure!

We believe that this is the only real key to the good life. We want you to feel free to explore, to eat well, to have one more drink, to laugh without worry, AND TO LIVE REALLY, REALLY WELL FOR AS LONG AS YOU STAY WITH US! We promise you that the freedom you’ll experience at Hotel Caravana will reveal opportunity, reawaken the body and soul, and re-orient you on the road to the GOOD LIFE.

So, here’s to all the wild stories around the fire pit, relaxation in our camper, and memories that you won’t soon forget! That’s because at Hotel Caravana, you’re free to rock out. Take advantage of all of our amenities, and use Hotel Caravana as a base camp for exploration of our mysti-cal town, with all of its character — and all of its charac-ters.

We believe in minimalism where its neces-sary and over indulgence when its needed. We get upset when there are too many rules, boundar-ies, and hidden agendas. We just want to relive the good days, with fewer layers of complexity, simpler ways, and to live without worry, even just for one night. Imagine a world where time stays still, every-thing is frozen, and you’re the one who is in complete control, completely free. Here’s to the idea of: IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THE WAY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN.

Welcome to the boutique hotel experience of our future. Welcome to a place of freedom, experience, expression, joy, and the good life. Welcome, my friends, to Hotel Caravana.

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